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Part 1

Let me begin with this: unlike many security professionals, I believe it is important to put my face out there and properly introduce myself. Why? Because I believe it is important for you to get to know me before you place your and/ or your family’s safety into my hands.  After reading a short version of my bio, you will see that I have no military background and I have not been practicing martial arts all my life. I do not have a fashionably referred emotional “war story” to make your eyes watery either. Do you know why? Because I have never been assaulted, victimized or another words: singled out as a potentially easy target. As a young, civilian woman, with no prior security training, I recognized that if I wish to travel the world free of fear, than I must become my very own bodyguard. Once I realized that my personal safety and security is my number 1 responsibility, I decided to embark on an exciting journey to become a security professional.
I have not been pushed to pursue a career in the security industry by my family and stepping onto the Private Close Protection path was not a strategic career call. I have arrived to this path by faith and by the love of the adventurous life of mine that I love to live.
After years of training, protecting you from harm is my duty.  Empowering you with knowledge of situational awareness and Self-defense is my passion.

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Part 2

My name is Renata and I am the founder of RenataK Self-Protection Int.
I am a trained and qualified female Close Protection Operative and a certified Systema Spetsnaz instructor. I completed my first Security training in Hungary with the International Operational Security Academy in Hungary in 2013. As I was hungry to learn more and further develop my skills, I travelled to England in 2014 to train with Clearwater Int. where I became a member of the International Bodyguard Federation.  As it was part of my acceptance into both training camps, I started to practice different kind of martial arts and fighting systems such as Krav Maga and K1. But I was eager to learn about a system that was easy to learn, easy to adopt and execute under intense pressure. So in 2016 I travelled to Russia to train with –on my opinion the best in this field - Vadim Starov, and after an intense training I became a certified Systema Spetsnaz instructor.

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 I was born in Hungary but after graduating with a degree in journalism, I left to broaden my horizons. For the next 3 years I was working on cruise ships and travelled from Alaska to Hawaii, across the Panama Cannel and around the Mediterranean as a bartender. In 2005, I arrived to the Caribbean where I have been living since.  In 2009 I set off to discover Africa. After identifying that the number 1 killing disease of kids was diarrhea, related to Soil-Transmitted-Diseases, I registered “Thousand pairs of little shoes” charity to raise money to deliver shoes for kids in need across East Africa and also in Haiti. Over the 4 years that my initiative was in operation, I delivered over 9000 pairs of shoes in slums, refugee camps and also to nomadic kids who have neither voice nor visibility.

This project took me to the corners of Kenya, Uganda and Haiti that you do not see on postcards.  But nothing could stop me as I was determent to make a difference. (

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In 2018, after many years of training and enjoying the comfort that being affiliated with someone else’s company has given to me, I decided to start my own crusade against gender based violence. So I’ve founded RenataK Self-Protection Int.
So far, I have been invited to radio stations, to TV and also to domestic violence prevention workshops as a guest speaker to talk about the importance of common sense and situational awareness. I have hosted self-protection workshops for hundreds of women not only in the Cayman Islands but also in Zambia and in Rwanda too.
And it does not stop there! I am eager to spread my wings and empower women across the Globe!
Thankfully, not everybody needs a Close Protection Operative to look over their shoulders but everybody must have access to life saving skills. In our busy lives, knowing how to defense ourselves often takes a backseat and my mission is to change people’s mindset about this. Just think about it: Would you rather hire a bodyguard or would you rather become your own bodyguard?

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I love to lift heavy weights while listening to good rock music, go for long runs, being lost in nature and keep rediscovering it’s beauty, and in between… sip on a good tequila.

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