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Movies and TV shows often give us the impression that all bodyguards are big, scary-looking man, dressed in black.

As we all know, it is not always the case, as a matter effect, barely ever the case.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that the only person who can ensure your safety is someone who will intimidate onlookers and keep attackers away by his/ her look. Often this couldn't be further from the truth, with large, burly bodyguards bringing more attention to their clients, which could cause them more stress and risk.

Why choose a female bodyguard?

Female bodyguards can blend in more easily without drawing attention to themselves. Their discreet presence means they could be mistaken for a family member, friend or nanny. The female bodyguard can accompany you running errands, shopping, doing your normal daily activities without standing out and drawing attention. Also, if there was an attack, the perpetrator is more likely to be taken by surprise, not expecting a bodyguard, and will likely be overpowered. In addition, females can be better at conflict resolution and staying calm during stressful situations, and they are known for their effective decision-making and agile thinking. All of these skills are crucial to being a good bodyguard, as well as having strong communication and observational skills.

Why choose RenataK Self-Protection Int?

As a trained and qualified female Close Protection Operative, I can provide individual clients and their families with the highest level of security, minimize risk, and provide peace of mind. I am specialized in the protection of women and children.

Key skills:

Trained to a high level in Security and Close Protection

Risk Assessment, Operational Planning and Safe Route Selection

Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Stalking and Dangerous Human Behavior

Communication and Conflict Management Skills

A methodical and systematic approach in ensuring optimum security

First Aid Qualified

 Full driving license for Hungary (Europe) and the Cayman Islands

Excellent customer service skills in a polite manner

Physically fit

Systema Spetsnaz trained

Qualified Open Water Diver

Languages spoken: Fluent in Hungarian and English, reasonable in Swahili

Services that RenataK Self-Protection Int has to offer:

  • Planning on having a vacation overseas but you are having safety concerns about your target destination? 

  • Does your child need to be escorted from your family’s home to overseas to boarding school?

  • Does your home need to be protected while you are away?

  • Are you on vacation and all you want is a date night with your partner but there is nobody who you trust to leave your kids with?​

I am here to lift up the stress off of your shoulders! Since I am not coming from the military but from civilian life, I exactly know what dangers and distractions to look out for without being overprotective and disturbing your fun time! Let me worry about your safety!

Coverage: Caribbean, Europe, Africa and in transit

Female Bodyguard Services: Lessons
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